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The Hanse Montan GmbH stands for hanseatic virtues and tradition - reliability, decency and fairness

We are a trading company founded in the late 90´s and active all around the world. Our main activities are trading with Steel, Stainless Steel, Metals, Plastics and Natural Stones. In addition, we are sales representetive of the company SANGRAF International SA for the marketing of special steelmaking equipment, also known as Graphite Electrodes.

Expertise / Competence

Our multicultural sales team fluently speaks in more than five different languages, including German, English and Spanish. Our Head Office is located in Hamburg northern Germany. Our sales activities for the European market are controlled from the Head Office, whereas our sales activities for Southeast Asia and Middle East are handled by the office based in Dubai.


Premium Graphite Electrodes - Proven Performance Under The Toughest Conditions

SANGRAF International is a fully integrated global manufacturer of premium graphite electrodes for the EAF steel industry. SANGRAF International is exclusively dedicated to the manufacturing of premium graphite electrodes. We provide fast turnaround and a dedicated service team to deliver high-quality, cost-effective, premium electrodes for electric arc furnaces, mini-mills, and other demanding operations.

Graphite electrodes plant in Italy

More informations about SANGRAF international here: www.sangrafintl.com


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